Alpine lakes on mount Mavrovouni, Greece.
Alpine lakes on mount Mavrovouni, Greece.

When I was little, I spent my summers in a small village on Mount Kallidromos. A small mountain, not very well known, but in my eyes then it could have been Mount Everest. So, every year, I had a goal, to reach the top of the mountain. From year to year, I was getting closer, until one August afternoon, I managed to achieve my goal. I still remember the feelings of that day, when I saw my reward, a wonderful sunset behind the mountain. After many years, I still remember that feeling. That sense of exploration, and discovery.

For us…

It’s easier than you might think

A brief introduction

In this article, we will look at how to develop Web GIS applications that can perform neighborhood analysis. Virtually, all mapping applications can be considered Web GIS applications, as they are an information system and deal with spatial data. However, a true GIS usually consists of 4 basic subsystems — data entry, processing and management, analysis, and presentation. The analysis part is often missing from most web GIS applications, in which the main goal is to present geographical data in an aesthetically pleasing way. …

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are an amazing tool for our jobs, career opportunities, and studies. But, most people are having a hard time learning them. Over the years, I have come to realize that there are specific things that we struggle with. In this article, we will see what they are and how we can better understand them to develop our knowledge in GIS.

Understand data types

There are two basic types of data in GIS — vector and raster. Vector data are geometries. There are three types of geometry that one can use — points, lines, and polygons. It’s that simple. …

Recently, I considered creating an online 3D globe for a project. Three.js is an amazing library and there are many resources on the internet to create visually stunning globes. But I also wanted to have the rich mapping functionality of OpenLayers.

While there are libraries for this purpose, I thought about exploring the possibilities of these two libraries, without being restricted by a one-package solution. And the possibilities are endless. Let’s begin.

The first step is to create a 3D sphere using three.js. Nothing complicated here, just a few notes:

  • We use the Orthographic camera since the perspective is not…

George Panagiotopoulos

PhD candidate and freelance developer

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